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A collection of images from Lucidity. What a wonderful experience! I have been to Burning Man Decompression in SF a few times, but this festival was that +9000 and I’m so happy my sister stole me away for it.

The art pieces were mind blowing; I loved all the different camps, areas and that you could climb on or sit in almost everything. The lights, the music, the love, the family, joy and discovery.

My flow shot up to the next level too. I was able to take two classes with Faeryn Rose and thanks to her guidance and infectious smile I finally have the wedgie kick up down pat, footwork to improve upon, and several nifty little moves to add flair.

I also attended a poi class with my sister that was about flowers and transitions, but after about 15 minutes my brain was completely broken and I literally had to sit down and breath. I did enjoy listening to all of the tech theory and learned some arm patterns, but I need to drill flowers because I still have to think about them too much.

On the last night we saw Nahko play and I had perfect flow through his entire set even though I don’t typically dig this kind of music. I find exuberant positivity usually makes me uncomfortable and overwhelmed with cheese, but the space, the people, everything was perfect and I was so in to it. 

Tribe life is so happy. Definitely going back next year.

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