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At the end of May I had to move from my house since and I’ve been staying with a friend in another town while I try to get a house with my man and our friend, but it’s slow going and the boys are leaving most of the work up to me which is vexing.

I discovered soon after arriving that my friend has a roach infestation but neither of us realized how bad it was until we tried to stop it. It’s been a little under 2 weeks of hell and I’m finally unafraid of getting off my air mattress to walk to the bathroom without shoes on. Is it a fluke that they’ve gone into hiding while my friend visits his family for Father’s day or has the pest spray and diatomacious earth finally taken effect and thinned out the swarm?

Unknown. But! I feel comfortable enough to do a full yoga practice for the first time since I arrived.

Feels good man. ^___^

The Color Vibe run was so incredibly awesome! Even though it was blazing hot outside, it was so worth it!

I went with my boyfriend, his son, mom, and sister and our friend Jaime. Everyone had a blast, especially Aiden (my boyfriend’s son).

So this is happening today, a 5k Color Run, and I’m going!!!! And surprisingly so are a bunch of my friends. Today is gonna be wild!


Gjricci on YouTube !!!

I’m really happy right now, which is the entire point of this #100HappyDay thing right? Yesss!

Last night I got to talk to my sister for a couple hours for the first time in forever! It was so great to have twin brain back. I miss her so much.

And after that I went for a late night walk around the neighborhood with my boyfriend. I was a little freaked out because it’s roach season and they are BIG this year and all over every sidewalk. And it seems like there are more and more of them every year. Ewww. But! I had the best time with my boy cracking jokes and planning the future and going off on weird tangents.

Finally, this morning I was able to some yoga without pressure in my head! Sun Salutation all morning! And some foot hooping too. I am also very amused/pleased with my Ursula mug.

Today will be awesome! ^____^

Little joys

This morning my head has been too sloshy to even do a forward fold or down dog but did I ever rock that shoulder stand and plow pose! I am so so so happy to be well enough to do something other than laying around and drinking tea.

Hoping that I still feel this energized when I get home from work so I can play some more!


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